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How To: Save Money Driving a Truck

Oct 08, 2021

How are truck drivers supposed to save money?  When driving down the road on a daily basis, truckers are bombarded with signs, commercials and so many other things encouraging them to spend money.  Literally, millions of dollars are directed toward marketing to truckers trying to convince them to spend their cash. But, at RoadWarriors, we ask: how much time is spent educating truck drivers on how to save their hard earned money?

Why is the true answer next to nothing? Saving money while driving a truck IS NOT EASY. There’s a huge lifestyle change that goes along with becoming a truck driver and often times personal finances are forgotten. Well, we didn’t forget 🙂 Below are 3 easy ways to save money driving a truck:

1. Get a Fridge & Stop Eating Out So Much

This is the easiest way for truck drivers to save money. All it takes is making the decision and commitment to actually follow through. By passing up the fast food and truck stop pizza, progress can be made quickly. It will take an investment in a portable refrigerator for this plan to work, but if used properly this will be an investment that will pay off in more ways than one. Not only will you save money by stocking up on drinks and food at the grocery, it’ll also be way more convenient to eat healthy. We recommend an ARB 50 Qt Portable Refrigerator. It’s pricey, but it’s the best out there. When it comes to saving money on food, those little coolers just don’t cut it when it’s time to plan ahead for a week.

2. Base Your Budget On Low Mile Weeks

Very few people (truck drivers or not) are able to successfully save money without creating some type of budget.  Start by understanding exactly how much money is coming in vs. going out on a weekly/monthly basis. Remember: the key is to create your budget based upon low mileage weeks (since most drivers are paid by the mile) and to plan on saving all additional money. Say this to yourself, “more miles means more saving, not more spending.”

3. Use Your Emergency Fund Wisely

Once an emergency fund is started, it must be used wisely. When in doubt on if an emergency fund should be used for a purchase, just refer back to the “emergency” part of the name… Washer quits working back at home and the kids laundry is piling up? Emergency. Currently own the iPhone 12 but must have the new iPhone 13 so you feel cool? NOT an emergency! If there’s a question whether or not it’s an emergency…it’s probably not. When it comes to saving money, these are just 3 tips to get truck drivers going in the right direction. Start doing these things, stick to them for several months and progress will be made. It’s that simple.

Posted: Oct 08, 2021

Edited: Oct 08, 2021

How To: Save Money Driving a Truck

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